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Student housing
is in our DNA.

About Us

At Marker Investments, our knowledge, diligence and expertise in student housing assets extends beyond our 20 years in the industry. It’s in our DNA.

Marker is focused on the investment and management of desirable, safe and affordable off-campus housing to students attending America’s institutions of higher education.


What We Do.

As a specialized investment firm, we are uniquely positioned to identify the evolving needs of students, as well as anticipate and maximize opportunities for investors. We’re mission driven to deliver not only vibrant and attractive spaces, but places that people want to call home.


Leveraging unparalleled expertise, long-standing industry relationships and rigorous due diligence, the Marker team excels at identifying and assessing acquisition opportunities.

Investment Management

We take our role as a fiduciary very seriously. Timely and accurate reporting is essential to all our stakeholders. It serves as the backbone of our company and is top-of- mind in every business decision we make.


By implementing best practices and injecting new life into a property, Marker offers residents an attractive, safe, and affordable housing experience, while also maximizing value for investors.


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